Written by C.J. Webber-Neal

Photo/Journalists The Oklahoma Eagle Newspaper



Keith Ewing shares his community vision for his newest business to come to the historic Greenwood District, this being the Greenwood Fitness & Recreational Center, with the Oklahoma Eagle Newspaper.

This newest center for health, fitness and recreation sets in the heart of Black Wall Street, providing a key example of one man’s vision of an up in coming minority business set on a path to success. “The vision of this center is to set an example of members of the community coming together to use their passion to create a successful business within our historic community” Keith tells The Oklahoma Eagle Newspaper during the interview. “Whether its thru boxing, yoga, aerobics, or some sort of physical exercise people come here and share their skills with each other to create a successful business set on making people better thru unity and enterprise”.




Mr. Ewing continues: “What better way to make Black Wall Street great again, then by helping each of us reach our best”. Cheyenne McKinney, a boxing coach at the Greenwood Fitness & Recreational Center, shares her thoughts with us on what she believes this center provides for the citizens of the community. “At the age of 17 I began my boxing career and fell in love with this sport, and that love is something that I want to share with the community” Ms. McKinney tells us.



“Its that love that I hope to share with those I teach, and thru fitness and hard work I hope that my students will begin a path to better themselves both within and without”. Ms. McKinney continued by adding “Fitness is important to helping someone improve their life, and each time I meet with my students in class I hope that by what I am able to teach them that their life will be a little better than what it was when they began my class”. “By helping my students, I am helping my community, one person at a time, and that makes me feel like I’m doing my part to make the community I love a better place”.

For more information logon to Facebook at: Greenwood Fitness and Recreation Studio or call 918 313 9271.