Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and not just because of its rejuvenating qualities or its ability to give me a break from reality. Laying it down at night also gives me the opportunity to feel cool sheets on my bare skin.  Yes, I’m a naked sleeper and whenever I get the chance I ditch nightgowns and pajama pants for my birthday suit. We all enter into this world bare, so there must be some benefits to sleeping while in the buff. If you’re a naked sleeper or one that is curious about making the switch, here are a few benefits of sleeping naked that are sure to help you sleep even better.

1. You get a better quality of sleep.

A night of deep sleep is what every person desires, especially those that have demanding work schedules throughout the week. If improving your quality of sleep is a desire of yours, then sleeping naked is a simple solution. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, settling into a deep slumber causes your body temperature to drop naturally thanks to your Circadian Rhythm (ever get the chills when you become sleepy?).  Wearing pajamas to bed could have an effect on your body’s ability to fall into its natural cool down and has been linked to the cause of insomnia. So, strip down to your bare bottom and give your body the boost it needs to help you drift into the best sleep of your life.

2. You can reduce your belly size.

It may seem like an unconventional way to shrink inches around your midsection, but sleeping naked can help with burning fat while reducing cholesterol. According to Huffington Post, when the body cools down at night growth hormones increase while simultaneously decreasing levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone” linked with weight gain). Wearing PJs might disrupt the body’s natural cool down process and disrupt your natural sleep pattern. So if you want to burn calories while you snooze ditch the clothes and let your sheets caress your body for the evening.