By Fred Jones, Jr.

Eagle Staff Writer




Renowned comedian and founder of Layups2Standup, Demetrius “Juice” Jason and OKC Thunders very own Russell Westbrook bringing you an evening of laughter with the “Why Not??” Comedy Show on Thursday, July 11 at 8:30 p.m. at the historic Cains Ballroom.

Deason and Westbrook grew-up together in Hawthorne, California, in Los Angeles County, a friendship that predates elementary school and continued as they played basketball together at Leuzinger High School.

As Westbrook went on to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and eventually the NBA Draft Lottery, Deason continued his playing career at Pacific Union College, but that career ended due to a back injury prior to his senior season.

Back at home, Deason was encouraged by friends to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

Deason stated, “Stand-up isn’t like basketball where if your jump shot isn’t working or your handles don’t feel good, you can just lock the doors to the gym and no one will see you with stand-up, you have to work on it in front of people.”

Breaking into stand-up is very difficult because the politics of getting stage time makes things complicated, he said.

“Any comedian who said they haven’t bombed is lying. You’re not naturally good at stand-up,” Deason said. “You can be funny and people will laugh at you, but you will still bomb because you will have different nights, different crowds.”

This event is guaranteed to capture the spotlight with a star-studded line-up. Comedians Ron Taylor, Velly Vel, Alexis Miranda, Lance Woods and Yasamin Bavafar. They will accompany Westbrook and Juice Jason on this night that you certainly don’t want to miss.

It’s anticipated to be bigger and better with the added preview show, creating an evening of laughter; the ultimate in comedic entertainment with an exceptional lineup of renowned and dynamic comedic talent. This event is guaranteed to have the community talking with a celebrity comedic lineup, professional athletes, corporate partners (Anthem, Delivery Swift, Cline Construction OK LLC and OK POP) and much more, so “WHY NOT?” attend this event, there’s definitely no telling who will “Pop-Up”.

Proceeds will benefit “The Light It Up Foundation” (in conjunction with the National Christian Foundation) a nonprofit organization founded by native Tulsan and Seattle Seahawk standout star Tyler Lockett.

Tickets may be purchased at or by contacting the Cains Ballroom at 918-584-2306