Letter to the Editor



In life, we will encounter conflicts and disagreements that prompt us to feel angry, emotional, uneasy and hurt. The question becomes how we move from conflict to resolution so that there is a mutual understanding, respect for self and respect for others.

Recently, we had a situation where two highly intelligent, beautiful, articulate, college-bound African-American female seniors in high school were in conflict regarding the perceived theft of money. Unfortunately, due to the series of events, there were several missed opportunities to sit both young ladies down and talk about how to bring resolve to the matter and for both families to communicate and bring clarity to the situation; as a result, the issue became completely exploited in the media at the expense of our young people.

As a community, we must rise out of the inability to calm down, think, seek to understand, communicate, apologize and resolve. Our young people look to us for guidance and leadership and we have to be the model for resolution in the time of conflict.

Fortunately, both young ladies were granted the opportunity to participate in their high school graduation ceremony; however, all of their hard work and accolades was somewhat over-shadowed due to the conflict that should have been resolved in a healthy manner. What ever happened to the days of upset adults sitting down and talking things through and then making sure our children are put in check about the matter and the next steps? We must return to those days and then do better!!

As we continue to encounter conflicts, it is my hope that we return to the days of picking up the phone, demonstrating respect for each other’s viewpoints, deriving at a common understanding which could be to agree to disagree and then bringing official cordial resolution to the matter. We have to be the example for our children and youth!!