With Black Music Month officially underway, Pandora will be honoring four groundbreaking artists over the next few weeks. The late Nipsey HussleLil WayneMary J. Blige, and Monica each had monumental impact at the Billions Spin Club.

For the entire month of June, listeners can enjoy a brand new curated Black Music Month Playlist that was selected by hand from each living artist. Pandora curators were able to carefully compile a special Nipsey Hussle playlist to honor the artist who was tragically murdered on March 31.

Lil Wayne has already kicked off the Black Music Month Takeover with his playlist, which can be accessed on Pandora. The Young Money artist’s playlist is mixed with classic R&B and reggae artists in addition to some of his top hits.

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“I listen to music that’s not hip-hop all the time, because I don’t listen to other hip-hop but myself.” Listen to @LilTunechi‘s playlist for —with some of his favorites, plus artists playing this year’s Lil WeezyAna Fest: https://pdora.co/2Wtv0hQ

Monica will drop her curated playlist on June 11, followed by Mary J. Blige on June 18 and wrapping up the month will be Nipsey Hussle on June 25. A Pandora Billions Plaque will be presented to Lil Wayne, Monica and Mary to honor the more than a billion streams the artists have brought to the country’s biggest streaming service.