By Eagle Newswire



Tulsa north is proud to have two farmers markets Greenwood Farmers and Artisans Market and Black Wall Street Market (See What’s Up Tulsa). The purpose of the Greenwood Farmers and Artisans Market is to create a space for local urban growers to sale their produce and goods, as well as showcase local artisans. You will also find local specialty bakers and handmade body products as well. As the season begins to settle down a variety of produce will become available. Currently, growers/farmers have cool season produce such as lettuce, collards, mustards, fresh eggs, and starter plants. All produce is grown right here in Tulsa. You cannot get any fresher than that; unless you grow it yourself! Of course, produce will change as the season changes.

The market currently has three growers, five artisans, support from Langston University-Tulsa (use of their parking lot) and Emerson Elementary Community Garden, Belles’ Barn and Garden, TLC Flowers & Organic Plants, Ms. Lou’s Urban Harvest, Onifades Cookie Company, Twisted Willow, and others. Yes, Greenwood Farmers and Artisan Market isn’t like the other markets you’ve visited around town. Yes, the market is small. However, we are growing just like the seeds we have planted in the ground.

The market encourages anyone who grows food in the community to participate.  More growers are needed from our neighborhoods.  Small growers are welcomed. If you know of any personally; please encourage them to participate. They are needed.  This is how we create the market in our community.

The Greenwood Farmers and Artisan Market is every Saturday from June to October, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the parking lot across the street from Langston University-Tulsa (weather permitting).

For additional information please contact Bill White at 918-964-3021 or Sherry Laskey at 918-706-1606.

For additional information on the Black Wall Street Market please contact The Oklahoma Eagle at 918-582-7124.

See you Saturday and thank you for your support!