By Eagle Newswire



The Greenwood License Plate bill authored by Rep. Regina Goodwin and Sen. George Young is the 98th specialty plate placed into an omnibus bill and signed into law by Gov. Stitt. The Greenwood District/Juneteenth Festival Revolving Fund has also been established. The law goes into effect Nov.1, 2019. Goodwin said, “The community is in the driver’s seat as proceeds from the license plate sales will help fund Tulsa’s Juneteenth Festival.”

Mike Reed held onto his license plate idea; the bill was passed into law 10 years ago, yet, the mandatory 100 prepaid license plates were not acquired. Mike Reed worked with Rep. Goodwin on the bill, it underwent obstacles and 11 trips of passage on the House and Senate sides.  The roll out of his “Remembering Black Wall Street” license plate design now begins with the tax commission.

Personalized tags are also an option for people wanting to order more unique tags. The license plate will cost $35, of that cost, $25 will fund the Tulsa Juneteenth Festival, $8 will go to the Tax Commission and $2 will go to the Classroom Supply Fund.

Sherry Gamble-Smith, Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce, is set to work with the Ok. Dept. of Commerce and the Tax Commission to help fund the Juneteenth Festival.

Gamble-Smith states,” This is a long time coming, the community is involved! We already have 100 people signed up for the tag and our goal is far greater. We will have a tent for signing up at this year’s Juneteenth.  It will be spectacular and people know it is worthy of their support. get excited.”