Owasso Mayor Chris Kelley and Vice Mayor Bill Bush were reelected to new terms during City Council’s regular meeting Tuesday evening.

Kelley was also nominated to serve as chair of the Owasso Public Works Authority and Owasso Public Golf Authority, and Bush was nominated to serve as vice chair.

“I value this position immensely,” Kelley said. “It’s something that people often ask, ‘Why we do what we do,’ and it’s out of love for this community, and I’m supper honored to have your all’s (support) and look forward to the next year.”

Owasso Councilman Doug Bonebrake also took the oath of office, who was sworn in for his fourth term after being reelected to his Ward 5 seat in February.

The mayoral ceremony, part of Owasso’s Council/City Manager form of government, takes place every year after the time prescribed for the beginning terms of a newly elected councilor, where the Council elects new authorities from its membership.

Council acts as the legislative body, passing ordinances, adopting the annual budget and setting policy. Likewise, the city manager has full responsibility for the day-to-day administrative functions of the government.

The current Owasso City Council consists of: Councilwoman Kelly Lewis, Ward 1; Mayor Chris Kelley, Ward 2; Councilman Bill Bush, Ward 3; Councilman Lyndell Dunn, Ward 4; and Doug Bonebrake, Ward 5; along with City Manager Warren Lehr and City Attorney Julie Lombardi.


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