By Fred L. Jones, Jr.



March is National Kidney Month chronic kidney disease (CKD), is a condition that 1 in every 7 adults (age 18 or older) in the United States has as well as people with end stage renal disease (ESRD) who need dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Kidney disease develops when kidneys lose their ability to remove waste and maintain fluid and chemical balances in the body. The severity of CKD depends on how well the kidneys filter wastes from the blood.  It can progress quickly or take many years to develop.

Because there are little to no signs of the condition, most people are not even aware that they have kidney disease until it reaches the later stages, including kidney failure.

Tulsan Pepper Barnes is in need of a Kidney transplant. Barnes family has come together to host an event to raise monies to fund this procedure. Barnes mother Sondra Biddle stated: “As a mother, one of the most difficult things to do is not be able to make things better or right for your child. When it came to the phone call, I received telling me that my son, Pepper, had suffered a stroke, I was shaken to my core. With him being so far away, I felt completely powerless and my first and only instinct was to get to him as fast as humanly possible. Once I was in his presence to where I could touch him, I felt even more powerless because I couldn’t make things better or right”.

Biddle went on to state: “As a result of the stroke, Pepper was diagnosed with full renal failure and we were informed he was in need of an immediate kidney transplant. An idea was presented that resulted with me and many of Pepper’s family, friends and loved one’s deciding that we needed to do something to help with the needed expenses and costs associated with a transplant. The idea was to plan and hold a benefit dinner/talent show during Kidney Awareness Month. This event is to raise funds to defray costs that are not being covered by insurance.

Pepper Barnes Kidney Transplant Fundraiser is March 23rd at the Greenwood Cultural Center for more information on attending or making donations please call 918-933-6891 or 918-812-2512.

Biddle also said: “All the proceeds are being earmarked for the procedure that Pepper needs. Additionally, everything used to hold the event (foods, drinks, silent auction items, raffle items, publicity, talent, decorations, videography/photography, and music) is being donated by generous sponsors, vendors, business owners and friends of Pepper”.


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