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After airing her grievances with some lyrics on the title track of Offset‘s new album Father of 4, the mother of his oldest daughter Kalea, Shya L’Amour, she spoke with TMZ to apologize to her baby daddy, discuss his relationship with their daughter, and give her thoughts on his relationship with Cardi B.

“Oh she loves him,” L’Amour proclaimed about Kalea’s relationship with the Migos star. “They’re really good now. He has stepped up, he has been around to show her that affection that she needs.”

As for her thoughts on Offset’s wife and mother of his daughter Kulture? “I think she’s helped him grow tremendously,” she said of Cardi. “I’ve seen a lot of growth…. She has a really good heart.”

She also apologized for criticizing the rapper’s parenting skills on Instagram Live after hearing “Father of 4” for the first time. “When I first heard the lyrics, it was just like… It was hurtful,” she admitted. “I was really talking out of emotion when I did that Live, so I apologize for that. But yeah it was hurtful. And I had no heads up or nothing, I didn’t get a call afterwards, I heard it at the same time the world did.”

These are the lyrics in question: “Kalea, you my first, first daughter/ I missed the first years of your life, I’m sorry/ Tell the truth, I ain’t really know if I was your father/ Tell the truth, I really don’t even know you mama.”

Offset and Cardi have made amends after splitting for a short time due to the rapper’s alleged infidelities.

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