By Kim Jackson KTUL



Tulsa has more licenses for marijuana dispensaries than Quiktrip and Starbucks combined. So far the state of Oklahoma has issued 143 licenses for dispensaries for the city limits of Tulsa.

“With it being no cap on the licenses, it is a great business opportunity for a lot of people, and I think it is going to be an eye-opener for many of them when they realize what else is involved,” said Chico Sherwood, who plans to open his dispensary Best Dispensaries, in March.

He is a neighbor to Doctor Green, a dispensary which has plans to grow with three more locations, soon.

“I wanted to do this here. This is something I am truly drawn to because of the mission, because I believe in it, but I also believe in helping the people and this mission is bigger than myself,” said Paul Bush, owner of Doctor Green.

Citizens will see more signage and billboards. City planes says they are not sure how many of the 143 licenses issued will become actual dispensaries.





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