By Fred L. Jones, Jr.

Eagle Staff Writer


Charlie Wilson loves performing on stage to a live audience and, has done so for over 40 plus years. From the glory days of the Gap Band, to his current worldwide status of “Uncle Charlie” he has performed for millions and millions of fans. Wilson has sold millions of records, CD’s and digital downloads, but coming home to Tulsa over the last couple of years has been fun for the superstar but, had him a little nervous. Wilson stated onstage, “Coming home has made me a little nervous performing in front of so many of my family and friends.”

Photo Credit Fred Jones

Wilson continues to be a true landmark and living legend in R&B and Soul music worldwide, all the while crossing over to the millennial ear with that same soulful voice so many have loved and cherished for years. Wilson stated to the Tulsa crowd that he is known as, “Uncle Charlie all over the world.”

Tulsa will always have a special place in the heart of Charlie Wilson. A Booker T Washington alumni who cut his musical teeth at places like Jan Pearson’s Club, a man that has seen mountain highs and valley lows. Charlie Wilson is as his hit song says “Blessed” beyond measure. Wilson asked the Tulsa crowd if they would come back and “See ya homeboy Charlie” and the crowd screamed, “Hell Yeah Charlie”.

That’s the wonderful thing about Tulsa’s love for Charlie Wilson it will never change and forever shall remain unconditional, Uncle Charlie can always come back home.


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