By Megan White

Evening Standard



Fuming Travis Scott fans attempted to break down the doors of an arena before police retaliated with pepper spray projectiles after the rapper postponed a show.

Excited fans arrived at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ahead of Scott’s AstroWorld show on Monday, Feb. 11.

But the crowds quickly descended into chaos after it emerged the sold out show had been postponed until March 26.

Some fans attempted to rush the doors, with footage showing some broken windows, before police were forced to disperse the crowd with pepper spray.

The rapper, who is dating Kylie Jenner, said “last minute production issues” were to blame for the cancellation.

Will Brown, a student at Rogers State University, travelled 45 minutes to get to the show, but said he had met many fans who had travelled over ten hours.

He said: “People were throwing drinks and food or anything they could find at the doors of the venue.

“Eventually one of the doors cracked which was also very crazy, but one kid was able to open one of the door by simply pulling it open.

“Once he had opened the door, everyone rushed the door, and that’s when a cop met him at the door and told him to back away.

“No one began to back off so the cop was forced to mace everyone in the vicinity.

“I got there two-and-a-half hours early just to get a good spot in line, and everything was perfectly calm and fine until the signs said the show was postponed, that was when everything started popping off.

“The mob mentality there was very negative, people were very very unhappy.”

The postponement came the night after the Grammys, which Scott and Jenner attended.

Nabil Asfari also queued for two hours, and said the cancellation was announced just 30 minutes before doors were due to open.

He said “people went hysterical” and one fan was even threatened with arrest after “causing more chaos.”

Nabil added: “I had to back off to the side as people threw more bottles and stuff onto the doors, one of them cracking one of the doors.

“Shortly after, one guy was able to open the front door and police stormed to him before he could get in and pepper sprayed whoever was in the front, including him.

“This is where every single person just cleared the whole area.”

Sergeant Jeremy Noland from Tulsa Police Department confirmed that police had used pepper balls.

He said: “They amped it up just a little bit by throwing stuff at the building and attempting to get into the building so we had to use pepper balls in order to assist the dispersement of the crowd.”



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