By Fred L Jones, Jr.

Eagle Staff Writer


Caroline Bennett Contributed Photo


Native Tulsan Caroline Bennett is making her dreams come true as an Inspirational speaker, spoken word artist, entrepreneur, storyteller, singer and #FreeBlackGirlRising are a few words to describe this native of north Tulsa.

Bennett was raised on the side of Tulsa many considered to be the most underserved and impoverished area within the city limits. She is a two-time loan and debt free, first generation, African American female graduate of higher education.

Having received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master’s degree in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality studies from The Ohio State University, she has been intentional about her work inside and outside of academic spaces. #Hooded & #Hoodid, she answers the call of scholar-artist with dignity and recognizes that her work, which is deeply rooted in the experiences, truths, voices and behaviors of Black girls/women, is significantly influenced by the hustle and bustle demonstrated by her ancestors who built Black Wall Street.

She strives to bridge gaps and access communities that mirror the one she grew up in. Her most notable milestones within her professional career include performing on stage with artists and activists Javier Sanchez and Bree Newsome and a TedxTalk.

Bennett returns to Tulsa to give her second TEDxTalk on Friday, March 1, at Tulsa University.

Bennett stated, “I am Native of north Tulsa, Oklahoma; a graduate of Emerson Elementary School; Miss Carver (Carver Middle School) and Miss Hornet (Booker T. Washington High School); I was Miss Black University of Oklahoma (University of Oklahoma) and Miss Black OK US Ambassador 2015″.

Bennett then stated: ”During the last week of February, the days leading up to my TEDxTalk at The University of Tulsa, I will be going back to my alma maters and community to fellowship and engage with the Black youth.”.

For more information on TEDxTalk call Tulsa University at 918-631-2000.


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