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Brenda Barre now owner-broker at Tulsa Realty, Barre retired from teaching in 1998 after 32 years with TPS will be vying for Tulsa School Board, District 1 seat on Feb. 12. Barre’s purpose for running is, “To help the parents and the school board and the faculty. To help the new teachers, you know, who are just starting.”

At Booker T. Washington, she served as chairwoman of the social studies department and student council sponsor.

Barre served on the boards of the Tulsa Women’s Foundation, North Tulsa Community Development Corporation and the Center for Racial Justice.

“I have been interested and involved in education all of my life. I think that my background and experience in education, as well as my community involvement, will help me build relationships between the school and community,” Barre said.

“Open, honest and timely communication among board members and the superintendent is very important, as well as a commitment by all to practice ethical decision-making,” she said.

TPS’ strengths include its model for continuous improvement and strong community support, she said, but she would like to see the district pursue more funding for professional development.

Barre said she is also concerned that too many students are graduating high school unprepared for their futures and that current standardized tests may not be the best way to measure what students have learned.

“Einstein once said that ‘not everything that can be counted necessarily counts, and what really counts may not be able to be counted,’ ” she said.

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