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Joya is the daughter of Kimbre Jordan and George Hegamin.  She was born in Turnersville, New Jersey.

She is a 19 year old freshman at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Health & Exercise Science. She graduated high school early to attend the prestigious university, where she continues to excel and thrive.

As a toddler, Joya would come to Tulsa. She attended the summer arts classes at the Greenwood Cultural Center (GCC).  Her leadership skills started at a very young age, as she would assist in the office, answering telephones, etc.

Joya’s talents extend far and wide starting with her natural, anointed ability to sing like a songbird. She has performed in various settings, including GCC’s Summer Arts Camp finale, Oklahoma Rodeo that her grandfather, Larry Jordan, hosts each year, local talent shows in Dallas/Fort Worth areas, graduations, weddings, funerals, and mostly church, where she served as youth leader, and music ministry. Joya’s love for God is totally apparent, her first love is her faith. She knows nothing is possible without her Lord and Savior. Another passion is the youth.  Joya has taken many youth under her wings (especially from her church in Desoto, Tex.) treating them with love, respect, but most of all, being a great listener for them.

She exemplifies true talent in the performing arts, singing, acting, directing, writing (playwriting, screenwriting, etc.). Joya wrote three books before the age of 16. They are currently available for purchase on Amazon: “The Last Play”, “The Last Play 2” and “The Price of Loving A Bad Boy”!

Joya has traveled the world extensively with her parents and has been exposed to various cultures.

She has been an athletic sports trainer for the past six years, helping athletes in high school and college training rooms, by taping ankles, sonograms, etc. Her passion started while traveling with her dad; this has been the same line of work that he excels in.

Her love for people is apparent, as she is always willing and ready to help others with a caring and loving heart. Her beauty is not only skin deep, it is clearly on the inside, as well.

Joya’s mom, Kimbre, (Kim) a native Tulsan, Booker T. Washington and OU Alum is currently the CEO of  Primadona Marketing, an insurance and marketing firm.

Joya’s father, George Hegamin, former NFL offensive lineman, was a Super Bowl III Champion of the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. George is an executive for the Nation Football League Players Assn. (NFLPA) in Baltimore, Md.

Joya is granddaughter of Frances Jordan-Rakestraw, Executive Director of the Greenwood Cultural Center.


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