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Established in 2016 the organizationis made up of kids within Tulsa’s inner-city area as well as some surroundingareas such as Owasso, Bixby, Muskogee, Sand Springs and Broken Arrow. TulsaMost Talented (TMT) started with seven kids now has about 100 children.

Program started two years ago andeven with such a short history TMT has multiple ranked teams. Several nationally ranked players and the 2018 AYB NationalChampions which will be the class of 2026.

Tulsa’s most talented is run bymastermind Gregory D. Nash, Jr. of Tulsa, Okla.  Nash is an Edison High School graduate. Nashwas a high school standout and player of the year for the year of 2000.

Coach Nash does a lot for the young men in his program. His hard work and dedication towards the youth in his program goes unmatched. There is nothing he won’t do for these children. “IfNash didn’t do the things, he does for these young men they would not be able to participate,” stated a parent.

Nash is also a barber in the Tulsa community he cuts their hair, feeds them, provides shoes, loads them up and takes them out of town for tournaments. Nash mentors a lot of kids especially those in single parent homes.

 “Books before basketball” kids underNash’s coaching must maintain a ‘C’ average to play and participate inbasketball events. Grade checks are done on a monthly basis.

TMT values life skills and education foremost. Lifetime memories are created when these young men travel the country to showcase their talent. While on the road they have met several NBA players and experienced a variety of things they normally would not get the chance todo.

Coach Nash is backed by six other coaches who have formed somewhat of a brotherhood. All these men volunteer their time and at times finances to make a difference in the lives of our Tulsa youth.

The TMT powerhouse has a big-time travel schedule coming up, for this upcoming season. This year Coach Nash has a basketball tournament event approaching in January 26th and 27th in which he hosts yearly here in Tulsa called the “I Have A Dream” winter kickoff this will be the third annual.

This tournament is getting a lot of recognition last year’s winter kickoff had 100 teams to register and play in the tournament and five states were represented. This year Coach Nash is expecting over 100 teams to play in January.


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