By Kim Jackson


The City of Tulsa is changing the name of M.B. Brady Street to Reconciliation Way.

“I wanted to change it because I don’t want our story to be that when our neighbor of color tell us, tell us they are hurt, and ask us to do something for them, that we don’t stand up with a long list of inconveniences that that gesture will cause us,” said City Councilor Blake Ewing.

The city council voted on the name change, making it the second change. Originally the street was named after Tate Brady, who was an alleged racist. The city changed the name to M.B. Brady, who was a Civil War photographer, with no ties to Tulsa.

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“But I think history has shown that to be lame,” said Ewing.

Kim Jackson


“Black Wall Street Way” offered as option for Brady street name change. @KTULNews

Some Tulsa residents are still not satisfied. Joy McCondichie says there has been no reconciliation for Tulsans, who want to see healing and restoration after the 1921 Race Riot. And McCondichie says she would like to see the names of riot survivors, on the street name, instead of Reconciliation Way.

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“I think it would bring more meaning to a change, in a name that we honor those people, because some of the city still thinks we should honor Tate Brady,” said McCondichie.

The name change takes effect July 1st.


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