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Over the years, we have voiced the need to document our Tulsa experiences and how they have shaped who we are.  For many of us, writing these memories is cathartic. Also, we want to imbue these experiences with the authenticity that living them brings. Simply, we want to tell our stories in our words.

In anticipation of the 2021 Centennial Commemoration of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, this is our opportunity to write about Tulsa. Our memories will be compiled and available by 2021.

Guidelines for Submitting Memories

  1. There are no restrictions on the subject matter if it is related to Tulsa.
  1. Submissions are being accepted in three genres: short story, essay, poetry.

Short stories and essays should be two to three pages, double spaced and typed. The maximum is five pages.  For poetry, the maximum is two pages. Photographs are encouraged if they help tell the story.

  1. Two submissions per person is the limit. This can be in any of the genres.
  1. Participants may be contacted with revisions. This is nothing negative, just suggestions to help readers better understand your manuscript/poem.
  1. EMBERS will have five chapters:

The Cocoon (Growing Up in Tulsa); We need submissions in this category.

Outside the Cocoon; We particularly need submissions about living outside of Tulsa.

Careers and Work Experiences; We need more manuscripts about work, work associates, outstanding friends. Do include integrated settings.

Legends & Role Models; we need submissions in this category. Include photographs.

Reflections; We particularly need essays on how Tulsa influenced how you see the world.

How did growing up in Tulsa Impact your development, how you view life, how you raised your children, influence your grandchildren, how you view the future, what you want to leave behind (your legacy)?  How has your life changed since the early years in Tulsa? How have you related to your bosses/employees? How diverse is your circle of friends?

Submit short stories, essays, poems to On the very last page Identify your manuscript(s) with your name and include a statement that the ideas in the manuscript are solely yours. Keep a copy for yourself. You will be contacted when your manuscript(s) is received and assigned a number to assure anonymity.





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