1.  Mindset
One’s mindset must be centered around a desire for growth and development and elevation in every aspect of your life.  In order to do the things it takes to get the things you want, one must clearly identify their values, take the time to develop clear, concise goals, and commit to the PROCESS. Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Change is necessary.

As one of my coaches always says, “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” That happens in the mind. And when one can make that kind of mental shift, the world of possibility opens up as wide as the mind can see. Then, continue to use your strengths, and discover new strengths, to get what you want while being rooted in your values and guided by your goals.  It is imperative to stay positive throughout the journey to wellness, and know that it takes time.

2.  Movement
Our bodies are built to move!  The old saying, “Use it or lose it.” is a gold standard! Muscles atrophy, bones degenerate, tissues and cells die without physical stimulation and blood flow. Anything from a walk in the park to hard-core ironman training, the spectrum is wide and limitless!

It all depends on a person’s goals.  For example, developing a training regimen to run a 5K might include seeking the guidance of a running coach (like myself ;^) to create a plan that caters to your body’s needs and goals, which might look something like this:

  • a combo of steady-state running and speed work 4x weekly
  • strength training 2x weekly to strengthen core and lower body muscles necessary for efficient running, as well as to develop integrity in the tendons and ligaments of the ankle, knee, and hip joints
  • yoga or a deep stretch routine 2x weekly for focus and lengthening, releasing, and repairing tightly bound and overused muscles

Everyone’s goals and bodies are different.  Maybe you’re not an athlete, and you’ve never worked out a day in your life, but you’d like to build to a thriving and sustainable level of health and wellness. Your daily regimen could look like this:

  • hike once a week
  • dancing a couple of times a week

The point is that you must develop a plan of action and regimen that is custom fit for your goals and what makes you feel good.  In general, movement is necessary for life.  It connects us to our natural selves and is absolutely required for health maintenance and can utilize the body in phenomenal ways to reach our goals.


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