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“Attempting to continue the important work as Senator of Senate District 11, as well as the work of the 1921 Centennial Commission, and running a campaign for Tulsa County District 1, have taken a significant toll on my health, family, and personal life”, says Senator Kevin Matthews.

Therefore, after much thought and prayer, I have decided to reduce my work load to address these personal matters.  For these reasons, I am suspending all activity related to my County Commission campaign, to focus only on the issues related to my health and family, as well as the priorities and needs of my Senate District and the work we have started.

I cannot in good conscious ask for my supporters to donate their additional time and treasure to a campaign that would not have my full focus under the current circumstances.  Senator Kevin Matthews SD-11, Chair -1921 Centennial Commission.   Contact-Kevin Matthews- 918-955-2283


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