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There are elections and then there are elections. This should be a rather boring election season. A mid term election free of a national race. However, in the Era of Trump nothing is usual. It seems everything is about Trump and it seems many candidates are running to oppose his agenda in their own way. They are running for a new commitment to education, justice reform and prison reform. They are developing real campaigns to improve neighborhoods. The message is different and strong. The teacher strike has wakened those who are hungry for continued progress in the legislature. Millennials came out in force in June. Will they return August 28 to shake the state up?

There are more women running, more people of color, Democrats are challenging races everywhere, and the scent of change is in the air. Republicans are widening their net to include new ideas. There is a chance some amazing candidates will be victorious in the Fall, but, first they must win next Tuesday. The Oklahoma Eagle proudly endorses:

Governor- Republican

After careful review of the candidates The Oklahoma Eagle is supporting the candidacy of Mick Cornett. Cornett’s success in turning Oklahoma City around would seem to be an easy choice for republican voters. Stitt’s business troubles are disturbing and cast some doubt on his soundness.

Attorney General-Republican

Mike Hunter should be the choice of republican voters next Tuesday to be Attorney General of this state. Attorney General is not an office to jump into without a lot of experience in government and state law. We are on the cusp of turning this state around, so we need a steady hand at the wheel.  Drummond’s less than positive approach to Native American issues have many worried about his motivations. We like Mike.

Corporation Commissioner-Democrat

The Oklahoma Eagle endorses Ashley Nicole McCray. At a time when the consequences of development of Oklahoma’s natural resources and they way it is extracted is on the minds of many Oklahomans, change is in the air. Fracking, earthquakes, and pollution has people wondering if the regulators are doing enough. McCray is decidedly a woman of principle. She is pushing an agenda of balanced development. Her strong background in advocacy and strong education in proper development of natural resources make her a great choice.

Corporation Commissioner-Republican

While Bob Anthony is the experienced hand, hard to say whether it is benefiting the state in any significant way. Brian Bingman has some long-time experience in state government and in the oil patch. After 30 years in office it’s time for a change. We urge republican voters to try Brian Bingman.

United States Representative District 1- Democrat

We endorsed Amanda Douglas in the June primary. After talking with Douglas and Tim Gilpin, we are asking Democrats to vote for Gilpin. We admire the obvious goodness in Douglas, however at this crucial time Gilpin is best prepared to run in what should be a bruising battle in November. Gilpin is experienced, progressive and fair-minded. District 1 could use his ability right now.

United States Representative District 1-Republican

Republicans should support Tim Harris as their nominee to be run for United States Representative District 1. A well-known name in Tulsa government, he served with distinction in the district attorney’s office. As DA, Harris was organized and was fair to all Tulsans.

District Attorney-Republican

Republican voters should stick with Steve Kunzweiler as Tulsa’s District Attorney. Kunzweiler has taken on tough cases and worked to be fair to all Tulsans no matter where they lived. He is passionate about justice and its fair application. Republicans should support Steve Kunzweiler.

State Representative District 36-Republican

The battle to improve education in Oklahoma and the harsh pushback from legislators spurred some Oklahomans to run for office. Meet Louise Red Corn, the distinguished journalist/publisher from Barnsdall. Her frank approach to government will be a breath of fresh air. The crusading Red Corn has made education a prime focus of her agenda. She is not your usual person to represent District 36. By the way, her opponent and incumbent Sean Roberts called the capitol police on teachers coming by his office to lobby for education. This is a no brainer.

Tulsa Councilmember District 1

It’s a time for a new kind of candidate in district 1. Advocacy is good to have and there is a place for it. There is also a time for prudent, business-like approach to what District 1 needs. They need Jerry Goodwin to represent them. Over 30 years of service to his community through board work and business have prepared Goodwin for what district 1 needs. Goodwin’s plan to bring the long-fractured community together is an idea that makes sense. However, it will take a visionary like Jerry Goodwin to pull it together.

Tulsa Councilmember District 4

The voters of District 4 should vote for Kara Joy (KJ) McKee. She is another one of those candidates who has labored long and hard for the people in her district in her many roles. Among her noteworthy positions was leading the Together Oklahoma coalition for the Oklahoma Policy Institute. Her plan to communicate with district 4 is worth remembering since that is what she has spent her life doing. Vote for Kara.

Tulsa Councilmember District 5

District 5 voters will do themselves a big favor by voting for Ty Walker, a dedicated servant to his community and successful businessman. He will bring new ideas to city hall and energy to his district. If you like your leaders to tell it like it is, then vote for Ty.  The Oklahoma Eagle urges the good voters of District 5 to vote for Ty Walker.

Tulsa County Assessor

The Oklahoma Eagle supports Darren Gantz. In his case we are most impressed with him as a family man and great businessman. He is steady and ready to make positive changes in the Assessor’s office. He has never been afraid of challenges or obstacles. It seems to motivate him to succeed. He would use his dynamic ability to get things done. The Oklahoma Eagle encourages republican voters to support Gantz.


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