By Fred L. Jones, Jr.




Tulsa Oklahoma: April Harding made a purchase at Jun’s Beauty Supply store as she was leaving the store Jun (owner) informed her that her child had picked up a key chain, she then removed the keychain from the 3-year old’s hand and, immediately disciplined him. Jun then followed the woman and the children outside of the business, on the sidewalk where Jun instituted an escalated discussion, after a moment of verbal exchanges Harding attempted to walk away Jun then struck the women in the face with his fist, in front of the children, drawing blood from her mouth. Harding was treated at a local hospital and had to have three stitches.

This is not the first event of such nature to happen at Jun’s Beauty Supply we were told that there have been four other escalations with African American female customers, who support Jun’s business.

Monday morning social media was buzzing with the video of the attack and the footage of the assault, with as many as 100 shares on Facebook alone.

When we arrived at the scene 40 or so protestors had gathered to demand justice and, make sure that everyone was informed that Jun’s will be boycotted by the entire community until justice is served. Jun also has another store at 5241 S. Peoria.

Harding stated: “I sat on the steps and waited for an hour after he struck me for the ambulance to come. Jun continued to shake his hand from hitting me. Jun was not arrested even though; the police was here they acted like they were going to arrest him. I wanted him to be arrested and go thru process just like we do, he should have gone thru the proper process”.

This article will be updated for our Thursday morning August 16th hard copy edition…




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