The effects of consuming marijuana by smoking can yield unwanted effects for some people. The “stoned”, hazy, or cloudy feeling that some get isn’t a must for everybody. The active agent inside of marijuana THC or tetrahydrocannabinol produces this effect.

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabis compound that gives you a host of medicinal qualities without the psychoactive effects that come with smoking marijuana buds. You can consume CBD in a number of ways: smoking it, vaporizing, and topically to name a few.

Cannabidiol is highly becoming an alternative choice for traditional medicine. It’s been known to treat conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, and seizures. CBD still isn’t legal nationwide, but it’s very easy to come by even on sites like Amazon.

What is the Difference Between CBD and Hemp Oil?

CBD and hemp oil are made from different parts of the cannabis plant and serve different purposes. CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes like sleeping conditions, pain, inflammation, and seizures. Hemp oil is used for cosmetic and dietary purposes.

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