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The campaign committee for Fred Dorrell, a Human Resource/Labor Specialist at Spirit AeroSystems and educator of 23 years, has released the following statement announcing Mr. Dorrell’s candidacy for Commissioner of Labor in Oklahoma for 2018.

When asked why he decided to run for office, he responded, “I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and together with my wife of 23 years, Maggie, we raised our family in Oklahoma. Working in Oklahoma for over 50 years of my life, I have experienced the ups and downs of Oklahoma’s economy. Maggie and I always strive to do our part to make the state a better place for business and Oklahomans.” As a father of three and grandfather to five that are future Oklahoma taxpayers, Dorrell is motivated to put his specialty in alternative dispute resolution to good use.

Dorrell retired from the Tulsa Glass Plant Ford Motor Company, after thirty-four years and served in numerous Labor roles as represented or appointed positions for the employees of Ford and other industries. Dorrell is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Business Division at Tulsa Community College and is also employed at Spirit AeroSystems in the Human Resources Department, Labor Relations. Dorrell’s education includes an Associate Degree in Labor Studies from Tulsa Junior College, a Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern State University in Industrial Supervision, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Human Relations.

Dorrell is committed to bringing people together, working towards a common goal, and accomplishing what is best for the people of Oklahoma. “Oklahoma needs a Labor Commissioner that can both understand and work with the two sides, Labor and Business, to achieve common goals. I didn’t get into this race to fill a spot on the ballot and I didn’t get into this race to make false or empty promises; I got into this race to win it and to represent all the people of this great state, not just a select few. The main duty, role and responsibility of the Labor Commissioner is enforcement of the laws and the statutes enacted by the legislature as it relates to labor. In addition to enforcement and supervising the Oklahoma Department of Labor, the Labor Commissioner can also be an advocate on behalf of the people to the Legislature for necessary and/or desired changes in our state labor laws; changes that make sense and are representative of businesses and wage earners, not political parties and ideologies.”

“I will advocate for a minimum living wage to bolster our economy and to make employees, employers and the public stronger in the state of Oklahoma.”

As an adjunct professor, Dorrell is a supporter of education and a living wage for our public-school teachers as well as funding for the tools needed to perform their jobs without having to pay out of their own pockets. “They deserve real and meaningful support. Our teachers are educating not just our children and grandchildren, but our future leaders, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, our future potential as Oklahomans.” The Labor Commissioner’s mission is to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of workers, to improve working conditions, to advance opportunities of workers for profitable employment.

My personal experience is that Business and Workers’ Groups tend to make the relationship more difficult than it needs to be. If neither side invests the time to understand each other, inherent conflicts fester and cause an unnecessary divide. There must be a balance to achieve a win-win situation. An old saying goes, “It is amazing what can be accomplished if nobody cares who gets the credit”.

“Oklahomans are a proud people that are striving to advance their future for generations to come. It is the responsibility of those that know how to organize and communicate across party lines, with employees and employers, and step up to the plate. This is a critical time for Oklahoma, for the future growth of our state and for the people that live here.”

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