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Wherever North Korea is, Dennis Rodman is not far behind. The former basketball star who hasn’t shown his eyeballs in public since the late 1990s popped up in Singapore on Monday for the historic handshake of two egomaniacs: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Naturally, CNN decided to prop up Rodman for television and it was a gargantuan sh*t show.

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Carmen Electra‘s ex-husband was on national television in a Make America Great Again hat sobbing while worshipping Kim and Trump. Just like Kanye was big mad that he didn’t get a meeting with Obama, Rodman shed MAGA tears that Obama wouldn’t meet with him over his North Korean BFF.

“Obama didn’t give me the time of day!” Rodman complained. But Trump did. As a matter of fact, according to Rodman, Trump even took the time to thank him — yes, thank him — for doing a “good job.” Rodman  even said he “showed my loyalty and trustworthy to this country” by being present at the historic summit.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, appearing disturbed, awkwardly stared as Rodman rambled about Eddie Vedder from the 1990s rock group Pearl Jam, his former coach Phil Jackson and his self-promoting weed cryptocurrency t-shirt.

Damn, CNN… are you that desperate for ratings? Dennis Rodman is your go-to person for a historic meeting and you give him a full 23 minutes on-air?

Brace yourself and watch a clip of the buffoonery below:

Omar Moore@popcornreel

Dennis Rodman on Obama’s rejection of his message to North Korea. Rodman reveals he got many death threats and gets emotional here in some riveting, incredible television.

Naturally, Twitter was dragging Rodman to every pit of hell. See below:


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Diane N. Sevenay@Diane_7A

I knew I recognized Dennis Rodman from somewhere.

Sarah Wood@sarahwoodwriter

Dennis Rodman crying in a MAGA hat and promoting a cryptocurrency is peak 2018.

Dennis Rodman is famous for colorful hair and rebounding, but also for technical fouls, domestic violence and not paying bills. Why does Trump like him but not role model athletes like Colin Kaepernick or Steph Curry? Because it isn’t about character, it’s about who likes Trump.

Caroline O.@RVAwonk

.@ChrisCuomo just asked Dennis Rodman if Kim Jong Un can speak English. He asked the question THREE TIMES. Rodman will not answer it.

James Fallows


Just reporting:
Chris Cuomo: “Does Kim Jong Un speak English?”
Dennis Rodman: “He’s just a big kid. Even though he is little.”

Jesus H. Christ.

Kweku Donkor@asdon60

Dennis Rodman out here in a deep deep sunken place.

Druce Wayne@DrewtimusPrime

Dennis Rodman made it to the and he didn’t wear drag.

Darren Sands


My ancestors fought for this? https://twitter.com/stevekrak/status/1006349567086952448 

Jermaine Watkins ✍?@JermaineWatkins

at the doors of the trying to get in.See Jermaine Watkins 

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Trump has certainly brought us to the bottom of the barrel, but we are sure he’ll try to take us even lower.