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Speaks 4 You Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on diversity in learning and instruction. The organization implements unique methods of teaching that empowers minority and impoverished communities to achieve paramount success.

There are currently four programs under the organization: the Scholarship Seminar Series: Making Money Moves, Bert Speaks, Black Love Oklahoma, and the Dr. Jerome B. Wade Scholarship.

Recently, the organization rebranded one of its first and premier programs, “The Bert Speaks Book Scholarship”, which awarded a book scholarship to one graduating senior from Tulsa Central High School. It was named for the CEO and founder of Speaks 4 You, Inc., BerThaddaeus Bailey, a nationally noted public speaker.

Following the loss of Bailey’s childhood mentor, Dr. Jerome B. Wade, a Tulsa neurologist and philanthropist who died in December 2017, he, his wife and the wife of Dr. Wade, Mrs. Leslie Wade sought to rename the scholarship in Wade’s honor. The former Bert Speaks Book Scholarship will now be known as the Dr. Jerome B. Wade Scholarship program and embodies the spirit of Dr. Wade. The scholarship application process is unique.

Bailey says, “Though only one applicant will receive the $1,000 award, we sought to design the scholarship so that everyone who applies is a winner.” The scholarship committee will review all application materials including the application, resume, recommendation letter, headshot and essay and provide feedback to all applicants for future reference. Bailey believes this will better prepare all applicants to be successful in applying for other scholarships, improve writing for college, and secure internships and jobs.

The scholarship is open to all high seniors in Tulsa. The application opened May 1, 2018 and closes May 29, 2018 at 5 p.m.  Visit for more information.






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