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Improvement Coach/Trainer Bob Caddy is very well known in Tulsa. His success story is remarkable and there are well over 100 individuals that would credit his “Better Self Improvement” program with changing their lives for the better. Some of these individuals include politicians, business owners, and teachers.

In spite of the positive impact he is having in the community, Caddy has faced challenges and unfair treatment by the YMCA.

Although Caddy has been responsible for hundreds of individuals purchasing YMCA memberships, and his clientele patronize the YMCA daily, he has been banned from the premises.

When asked why Caddy stated, “Supposedly for training on the premises but not being a certified YMCA fitness trainer. However, I have trained so many individuals that no matter what gym I go to I always run into a former or current client. It is then assumed then I am conducting training sessions.”

Caddy has even had clients cancel their memberships because they felt harassed by some of the management at the YMCA due to their connection with him.

“I am very vocal with inspiring people I know, and I do not plan on changing that. We all see trainers running their clients through programs at the YMCA,” Caddy said.  He believes he has been targeted because of his success and recognition in the community. Caddy also believes that the cultural shift caused by the increase of Better client’s daily usage of the sauna is not welcomed by the “regulars” especially at the downtown location.

At the time this article was written, Caddy had not spoken with the manager who was supposed to follow up with him on the matter. Caddy’s goal is to create an understanding related to his presence, the rules of the establishment, respect for his clients and public usage of local nonprofits.

“I believe there has been a gross misunderstanding. The issue can be corrected but I will not be intimidated nor change my inspiring and intense persona where helping people is concerned.”



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