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On February 24, 2018, Superintendent Davis made his transition to his eternal home in Glory.

Roy E. Davis, Sr., was born December 11, 1926, in Okmulgee, Okla., to Dorthula Dance and Martin Davis. He grew up in Haskell, Okla., with his two sisters: Wilma (who preceded him in death) and Judy. His mother passed away at an early age, so he was raised by his grandmother. She would make sure that the children went to Sunday School and would have Sunday School in the home if they were unable to make it to church. She would also be sure that they said their prayers each night and would read Bible stories to them on Sundays.

At the age of 12, he began working for a local farmer making 50 cents a day chopping cotton and corn. At age 18 he moved to Tulsa where he began working at Borden’s Cafeteria. At age 21 he was invited by a co-worker to the Assembly of God church where he got saved. Although it was a Caucasian church and he was asked to sit in the back, he did not allow this to deter him from receiving Christ. However, he did not return to this church again.

After receiving Christ, he began attending Lansing Street Church of God in Christ. While going there, he was drafted into the Army. In 1952 he was honorably discharged from the Army and returned to Tulsa where he began working at the Chili Bowl. He worked at the Chili Bowl until he was called into full-time ministry.

In 1955 he married Thelma Conley who preceded him in death. To this union was born three sons: Roy, Jr (who also preceded him in death), Mark, and William (Bill). They raised their children to love God and to work in ministry.

In November of 1959, Davis began pastoring at the Pentecostal Holiness Church. This pastorate lasted a year. In 1961, with the help of Mother Bessie Mae Barnes, Mother Rosa Shambley, and wife Sis. Thelma Davis, he began the Eastside Church of God in Christ whose name was later changed to Pentecostal Temple C.O.G.I.C. Under his leadership, Pentecostal Temple grew and became known for Sunday night services that were so Spirit-filled that they would attract congregants from all over.

Many souls were saved, and lives changed, as a result of his teaching and ministry.
He pastored Pentecostal Temple for 57 years. During his pastorate, he was elevated to Superintendent of the Pentecostal District, where he served for many years. He also worked at the state level as First Administrative Assistant to Bishop Malcolm Coby and Chairman of the Superintendent’s Council.

For several years, Superintendent and Sister. Thelma Davis provided transportation for thousands of passengers to state and national church events on their church buses, including the International Women’s Convention, National AIM Convention and the International Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ.

He also provided charter services to other groups and travelers. Superintendent Davis was a man of faith and preached “Holiness or Hell.” His main focus was for saints to live right and for sinners to be saved. He would often testify of being healed from diabetes “no shots, no pills, no diet meals,” and healed of athlete’s’ foot “no Absorbine Jr., no Dr. Scholl’s, no Desenex; just blessed oil and prayer.”

In September of 2013, he married Patricia McNeil. She was by his side until he departed this life.

He leaves to cherish his memory his wife, Patricia Ann of the home; two sons, Mark Allen (Laura) and William (Velisa); seven step children; one sister, Judy Boykin of Grand View, MO; and a host of grand-children, great grand-children, relatives and friends Pastor Roy’s son Roy E. Davis, Jr. proceeded him in death.

Superintendent Davis was a kind and gentle man, “slow to speak and slow to anger” (James 1:19). He was loved by many and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.




Roy E. Davis was my pastor, father figure and friend. He was a humble leader that did nothing to draw attention to himself, and that quality, along with integrity, drew attention. People noticed his quiet mannerism and his Christian walk. We love him, and he is greatly missed.

Elder H.M. Fary


In the Holy Bible, God says: “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” (Jeremiah 3:15) This was our pastor, Superintendent Roy E. Davis. He was saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. He was concerned about our souls. He preached the Word of God, and we thank the Lord for our pastor. We miss him, and he will never be forgotten. We love you Pastor Davis.

Elder Paul Malveaux


My pastor, Roy E. Davis, was a humble man of God who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the beginning of his ministry until the end.  He lived by the Bible and held a deep love and respect for God.  His commitment was reflected in the faithful service he gave.  Characterized as a “giant of a man” and a “legend in his time,” Pastor Davis, on many occasions, said his greatest testimony was being saved. We love him, and he is sorely missed.

Juanita E. Muiga