By Pastor Anthony Scott



Drivers in most if not all urban areas have had the unfortunate experience of navigating a vehicle over bumps, around potholes, and through rough terrain.  Encounters with these unexpected hazards can very easily throw our cars out of balance.  In fact, the problem with bumps, potholes, and rough terrain is that they usually catch us off guard. If these unexpected encounters occur too often, there is a need for an appointment with an automobile technician, who will likely perform some computer diagnostic tests to ascertain the problem and recommend a solution. Very often the research leads to the need for realignment, readjustment, and rotation in order for our wheels to once again be in balance.

Life encounters are not much different.  Frequent unexpected interruptions can leave us with a life that is out balance. The question then becomes what we do when life needs some adjustments.  In the Gospel of Saint Mark Chapter Five, Jesus is confronted with three life episodes that are severely out of balance.  So far off are the lives of those in this chronicle that many including those involved felt their situations were hopeless and they had reached the point of being incurable.

Through the lives of those He comes in acquaintance with, Jesus reveals His all-encompassing program of redemption for a man, woman, and a child. He demonstrates His sovereign power over the natural and supernatural by making demons, disease, and death submit to His authority, this being a preview of His once and for all-conquering of demons, disease, and death on the cross.  As you begin your week, I encourage you to read these accounts during your devotional time.

There are some common themes and solutions that should serve as takeaways from these three scenes of healing and restoration. The common themes or connections are yes life is hard but Jesus is sovereign over all the forces that will attempt to overtake you.  Our role is to simply trust Jesus in the midst of desperate situations and never give over to despair or despondency.

As I attempt to inspire your spirit this week, remember that when life is out of balance you have someone who can help. When your life is out of balance you have someone who cares.  When life is out of balance you have a friend.  His name is Jesus and He will appear when you need Him the most.  He will help you when you can’t bounce back on your own.

Be Encouraged this Week!


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