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The Tulsa Job Corps Center has appointed Carl Hilliard as the new center director.  Hilliard is set to make significant improvements at Tulsa and launch an aggressive recruitment drive to enroll students into hands-on career training classes.

Hilliard is an experienced Job Corps leader with over 20 years as a center director at more than five campuses across the country.  He has spearheaded countless initiatives that has resulted in lower-performing centers to reach maximum performance and generate good will with local employers, community and youth organizations and other leaders.

“It is an honor to have been selected to lead the Tulsa Job Corps Center,” Hilliard said.  “My job is to listen first and to partner with the Tulsa community to prepare the next generation of young workers to meet employment demands and keep this great momentum going.  We have launched a recruitment drive to encourage eligible young people to not only learn to excel academically but gain real-world career skills.”

The Tulsa Job Corps program is open to young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 who meet certain income requirements.  The Tulsa Job Corps Center, located at 1122 North Lewis Avenue, has 65 openings for new students.

“Tulsa Job Corps has opportunities for young adults in several areas at each center, such as facility maintenance, carpentry, certified nursing assistant, pharmacy technician, security and protective services and culinary arts,” Hilliard said. “Students can take the first step toward starting a career they enjoy and becoming a competitor in the workforce.”

When students enter the program, they begin working with an adviser to set career goals and devise a plan of action before instructors begin teaching them the essentials of job searching, interviewing, and how to maintain employment.

Job Corps students receive academic and career technical training from qualified instructors, who motivate students to make measurable progress at their own pace.

During training, Job Corps provides residential students with room, board, basic medical and dental services, and some spending money.

Students spend on average 6 months to 2 years completing training in one of many career areas while studying for a high school diploma or GED. Successful students can also enter the Advanced Career Training (ACT) program, which builds on their specialized training. ACT students may enroll in courses at a community college at no cost. Job Corps graduates receive transitional support services, including help locating a job, housing, child care, and transportation for up to 18 months after leaving the program.

In addition to Hilliard’s arrival and recruitment drive, the Tulsa Job Corps Center will be participating in Career Fair organized and sponsored by Tulsa World.  The expo is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Exchange Center in Expo Square.  For more information, log on to

For more information about Job Corps, contact Michael Davis at (918) 585-9111.


About ODLE Management

ODLE Management, LLC is a small, woman- and minority-owned business, and an experienced workforce development provider.  ODLE manages the day-to-day operations of the Tulsa Job Corps Center, and also operates campuses and outreach, admissions and placement services in Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Florida, Virginia and Texas.  Job Corps center operations and support contracts are administered by the U.S. Department of Labor through a competitive bidding process.

About Job Corps

Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Job Corps is the nation’s largest and most successful career technical training and education program for low-income young people ages 16 through 24.  Job Corps provides services to more than 60,000 young people each year at 125 centers in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  To learn more about Job Corps, call (800) 733-JOBS or visit Job Corps online at



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