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Christmas in Tulsa north has come and gone for 2017. What are some of the gratitude for our readership? One could start this editorial with what is going on under one’s own roof. After all the talk on politics, Trump, economic development and other topics this space spends so much time on, perhaps now will be the time to remember what is good in Tulsa north.

Are you relatively healthy this year? It’s easy to look at your situation and think you are poor or struggling. Not to minimize anyone’s situation, however in the grand scheme of things you are rich compared to the rest of the world. Most of the world wakes up to tyranny, abject poverty, poor housing, and hunger. They often live in danger and their world is very uncertain. This is America and though this country may stack the deck against you, you can still achieve much if you work hard and smart. There is hope in hoping.

Despite a healthcare situation that is ever-changing and uncertain, access to some form of healthcare is available. In many parts of the world there is no public healthcare and/or it is more like triage. We still look at most industrialized nations in their varied forms of socialized healthcare and we have to realize we are close. Most people support a more humane and expansive healthcare system. It’s uphill, but so was defeating a Republican candidate for the senate in Alabama. So was electing an African American president in 2008. We have to believe this nation will begin to listen to the majority of people and repair the damage of these past 12 months of a Trump presidency.

Your trip to the doctor is it a bit of a headache? Compare that with no healthcare at all. Hopefully, there will be a more aggressive effort to truly fix the healthcare system, not take more painful steps back.

There is a special kind of freedom in raising your voice against injustice and tyranny. Tulsa north spoke out against a multitude of issues and while the impatient feel there is no change in sight, it’s important to note nothing changed overnight. Everything takes time and one thing is for sure, doing nothing never works.

There is a lot to be said for those who stood for something, often alone, when it would have been easier to do nothing. For those told to not make trouble, it is, historically speaking, the only time positive change came to pass. Keep standing up for positive change good people. The next generation is watching and learning from those who stand up for what’s right and just.

Crime is down in Tulsa north according to police records. Don’t care how you rationalize that, it is good news. There is still crime and the murder rate is pretty scary, but, there are reasons to feel better about the stigma that Tulsa north is a crime ridden and dangerous place. Crime can go down even further if there is more interaction between law enforcement and the community. Safety in your homes and streets should top the list of what would be political leaders are interested in addressing in the coming election year. Please continue to do your part to make all neighborhoods safe.

Education is a major problem. While schools in our readership area could be doing better, it’s not because they are wasting money. Oklahoma schools and Tulsa north schools are all woefully underfunded. Oklahoma support for education is an embarrassing black-eye on our State in how we fund state schools. Big thumbs up to African American lawmakers, school administrators and activists for fighting for change and more dollars. Most Republicans in the legislature are beholden to the oil and gas industry. They have a stranglehold on State efforts for them to pay their fair share of taxes. Those voices for change hopefully will see it soon. Our State cannot function much longer being the worst funded State school system in the nation.

It’s been clear for many that a healthy diet has a significant effect on people, the community, and prevention resources. Having few grocery stores in Tulsa north is a travesty and more than unfair, it is a health crisis. Activists are raising their voices for a grocery store to open in the heart of Tulsa north. The problem today is the multitude of dollar stores that provides unhealthy food choices. We support those pushing for a quality grocery store in Tulsa north full of healthy food choices. Unhealthy diets are tied to every painful health problem in Tulsa north. Hopefully supporters of a quality grocery store will be victorious in their plans to make sure they and their neighbors are eating healthy.

The rich tradition of churches in our readership area remains strong and vibrant. They are a spiritual haven for those seeking guidance from up above. They preach great messages of hope and salvation needed in tough times. Every neighborhood is served by a variety of faiths and beliefs. As Tulsa north continues to grow and prosper, we hope and pray the churches continue to guide the faithful to good lives.

The Oklahoma Eagle is thankful for its wonderful readership and the support of its advertisers who faithful support this weekly newspaper. Newspapers have had to change with the times. Many have not survived and those who have still face stiff competition for your attention from the internet, radio and TV. You have stood by our paper and we are thankful. We urge those who subscribe to continue to do so, and to reward our advertisers who seek your business.

The staff hopes you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to another year with you, our readership, as we go into a new year full of hope and building on the success we all shared from last year. We hope you will continue to partner with us in ushering positive change. That’s news we can all use.


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