Help is here, so stop worrying about your New Years Soul Food Menu.  If you’re like me, you ate well during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But now you’re wondering about your New Year’s Menu.  Do you really want to know what holiday recipes to serve?  As far as menu suggestions go, my advise to you is not to get too creative.  We have all become too accustomed to the Traditional New Year’s dinner.  If you try to deviate from the norm, you might get some stares and complaints.  Therefore, I’d say yes you have to serve the all time soul food favorites, collard greens and black eyed peas. That way throughout the New Year you’ll be blessed with plenty of money and luck.

New Year’s Menu

  •   Fried Chicken – I like to serve at least two meats so that everyone will leave the table full.
  •   Barbecue Ribs – This is the second of two meats I serve.  In addition to frying up chicken I have found that folks love to eat some barbecue ribs to.
  •   Collard Greens – prepare and eat these collard greens to ensure you don’t find yourself broke throughout the year.
  •   Black Eyed Peas – I always eat my black eyed peas so that I have all the good luck I can handle year-round.
  •   Macaroni and Cheese – this homemade side dish compliments the collard greens, fried chicken and barbecued ribs.
  •   Corn Bread – you have to make this corn bread if you’re serving up delicious collard greens and black-eyed peas.
  •   Banana Pudding – with so much cooking going on I like to fix this quick and easy banana pudding recipe a day before.
  •   Sweet Tea – instead of homemade lemonade we suggest you serve some old fashioned sweet tea.  You guess will drink this up so brew up plenty of tea.

Okay it’s time for you to get get into the kitchen and start cooking.  Don’t do all the cook by yourself invite over your sisters and brothers to help you out.  Enjoy your New Year’s Dinner.

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