By Kandice Lawson

Eagle Guest Writer

In collaboration with Mayor GT Bynum, Langston University-Tulsa has launched a public service learning scholarship to provide a tuition discount to all individuals currently working throughout Tulsa county. Admissions Coordinator Jasmine Billingsley says, “the scholarship will help those who currently work in the education field to further their education.”


“If you are a teacher, work in the cafeteria, serve as janitor, teacher’s assistant, or paraprofessional; you are eligible for this scholarship,” said Billingsley.

Langston University-Tulsa is pleased to be able to provide this opportunity for public school employees who give so much to our community. Billingsley who also served as an educator stated, “In a time when education and educators seem to be bombarded with negativity, we want to communicate our appreciation and let them know they’re valued.”

At this time, substitute teachers are unable to qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship is available for both undergraduate and graduate programs, for questions please call Langston University-Tulsa at 918-877-8100.



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