Pastor Anthony L. Scott

It should come as no surprise that life is filled with challenging situations.  Unfortunately we are often faced with obstacles that appear insurmountable.  These challenges, if not faced can deter our progress and ability to live, but if we face them with faith and courage, they can propel us to new heights of success and victorious living.

Our walk needs to remain close to the Lord because when we are close to Him our problems become limited by His Sovereign parameters. This close proximity essentially guarantees their limitation and ensures the outcome will be for our betterment and not our detriment.   If we are willing to face our challenges, problems, and even ourselves, Jesus is not only able but willing to fix what’s wrong. The key is for us to face them by faith so He can transform our nighttime experience into daylight rejoicing.

The essence of our faith is not how it is experienced on the mountains of exalted worship but how it is lived in the valley of human need.  It is in the valley of our human need that the application of our faith and the resiliency of our prayer life come to the forefront.

When confronted with life’s challenges we must face our fears.  Fear can be a paralyzing emotion.  While a man was bowing in prayer a python encircled his body with cold and powerful coils.  It made no attempt to constrict but the man knew that if he struggled, the serpent would tighten its coils and crush him.  With marvelous courage and self-control born of faith, he went on quietly praying until the snake unwound itself and slithered away.  Sometimes our fears will attack and encircle us.  In these confining moments we must face our fears with prayer.

When confronted with life’s challenges we must face situations we have run from.  We are all guilty of running from the 5 D’s, depression, disappointment, demons, defeat, and despair, the 4 P’s, pressure, people, problems, and prospects, the 3 F’s, failure, fear, and fantasy, the 2 M’s, mistakes and messes, and finally the 1 big O, ourselves.  We must not run but face these obstacles with trust in an all-powerful God.

For others the challenge is facing life after loss.  The loss may be a loved one, a relationship, or a job.  Losses are very hard to confront.  The word LOSE has been said to mean something that Leaves Our Spirit Empty.  The key to overcoming this challenge is to keep the right company and stay in the Word of God.

Lastly, when confronted with life’s challenges we must face our difficulties with God and with the Word of God.  We often don’t feel close to God because we have not addressed our difficulties, disappointments, anger, frustrations, and questions that we would like to place before God.

There is a vast difference between “questioning God” and “doubting God.”  I believe, I just don’t understand.  I know that you are real and true, yet I struggle with your mysterious ways.  Doubts are like termites that eat away at a house while questions are like repairmen that restore a home.  Doubts lead to confusion.  Questions lead to understanding.

The cold wintry weather that those of us who live in the northern hemisphere face is a distance problem.  During the winter our hemisphere tilts away and moves further from the sun.  The light of the sun still shines, but because we have tilted away we no longer feel the heat as we once did.  The sun hasn’t moved the earth has, and the distance makes the difference between summer’s heat and winter’s cold. When confronted with life’s challenges remain close to God and His Word.