By Fred L. Jones, Jr.




Sibling’s Brandee and Brennan Presley are faster than many of us could ever imagine being. Brandee the older of the siblings may be Oklahoma’s next female to become a United States Olympic track and field star, qualifying for the 100-meter dash with the state’s best time this year Brandee is also a 200-meter qualifier, and the 3rd leg on the 4×400 relay. Brennen Presley is a state champion running back football player with the Bixby Spartan High School football team qualified for the 4×100 meters, 4×200 meters and the 4×400 meters relay.


Brennan Presley

The Presley siblings are set to embark on a historic state high school track weekend with the chance to bring home 6 gold medals to the Presley household. Father Arthur Presley is a former Tulsa Nathan Hale high school track star, so in this case, the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree. This weekend’s 5A and 6A Oklahoma High Track State Championship are in Yukon, Oklahoma for more information logon on to

The YouTube video also includes the two younger Presley baby brothers Braeden and Braylin, looks like there’s plenty more “Presley Family” highlights to come.


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