Lifetime has released footage of their upcoming Michael Jackson film, Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland, starring the man who Michael jackson himself, hired as his body double for wait for it…17 years! So you know what that means ILOSM fam?’ That Lifetime at least got the physical similarities of MJ right as far as casting goes.

Now here’s the thing, we’ll be the first to admit that when w first heard that it was Lifetime releasing the biopic, we were like ‘Aw HELL naw!’ Why? Well ever since seeing that Aaliyah biopic a few years ago, we were done with lifetime and their biopics of Black entertainers for good. However, after learning that the movie is based off of Mj’s bodyguards’ MJ book and that they chose the guy MJ himself handpicked to stand in for him- Canadian born MJ impersonator, Navi- it gave the movie a bit more authenticity.

But let’s not speak too soon though, because we have yet to see a finished product, so just like any other network, Lifetime has to show and prove to their audience that they can redeem themselves from that Aaliyah biopic disaster and create a masterpiece by way of this upcoming MJ movie. According to People: ‘Searching for Neverland will chronicle the final years of Jackson’s life, including his time as a father to sons Prince and Blanket and daughter Paris.’

Image of Navi as Mj in Lifetime film (photo via People)
Image of Navi as Mj in Lifetime biopic, “Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland” (photo via People)

On a side note, I personally always wonder why people keep making TV movies about Michael Jackson (or the Jackson fam’) when they have WAY too much depth to squeeze into one TV project…but I digress.

Back to this MJ movie though. Check out the behind the scenes look obtained by Entertainment Tonight and prepare to be amazed by how much this dude, Navi transforms into MJ with his dancing, his look, and subtle mannerisms. Can he actually act and carry and entire movie though? Only time will tell…watch the clip below…


The air date is set for 2017, but an official date has not been released yet. So far, Lifetime seems to have gotten several things right with this one. Will you be tuning into Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland when it hits your TV screen?


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