Tulsa, OK — The inaugural Black Economic Expo will be hosted by the Black Expo Foundation on April  8 and 9, 2017

This huge event is in honor of African American pioneers in economics and community development. The Expo will focus on empowering the community, businesses, education and the health of African Americans and will include a business and retail center, live music, talent show, fashion show and community  panels.

Admission is $4 per person ages 13 and up and children  12 and under are free to attend.  Limited vendor and sponsorship opportunities are still available.   Jackie Zeigler, President and CEO of the Black Expo Foundation said, “Entrepreneurs are smart, strategic and creative.  The expo provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and recycle their dollars within the community, especially in African American communities.” African Americans are spending money and are a vital force to the Oklahoma economy says industry economic analysts.    Designed for all ages, this event will showcase the opportunities citizens of Tulsa can find when they utilize their talents for entrepreneurial initiatives.  It is a perfect opportunity for networking with other business owners and city leaders and a talented workforce.

The Black Expo will have booths for a variety of business owners to advertise, promote and network.  Music, art, clothing, hair salons, car dealerships, restaurants and bars will combine during this Black Economic Expo to create the largest economic event in Oklahoma. This event is designed to offer all business owners in the city an opportunity to grow their businesses and network with other business owners as well as the people of the City of Tulsa.


Contests and Entertainment

The festival will also include live music, fashion shows a designer’s corner and many different talent competitions. Contests for all ages have cash prizes for youth to show off their talents in comedy, music, dance, acting, spoken word and art challenges.

Sponsors and Special Guests

There will be a special ribbon cutting ceremony at 9 am Saturday.

All media and Expo Sponsors will receive a free VlP buffet.  The event is sponsored by the Black Expo Foundation.

To learn more about the 2017 Black Economic Expo, or for tickets, vendor, and sponsorship opportunities, call 918-280-8214

280-8214 or visit www.blackeconomicexpo.org.


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