By Margaret Hicks

Staff Writer


When seeking a hairdresser one of the deciding factors for many women is how well their prospective hairdresser’s own coiffures are kempt. Tori Tyson is the epitome of her salon’s slogan “Specializing in Healthy Hair.” She has a beautiful head of ultrashort, precision cut, healthy looking hair.

Tyson, who is a third-generation stylist, and grew up shampooing and doing other things in her family’s business began her professional career in 2001 on Greenwood. She launched her own business, Blow Out Hair Studio, which is in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s historic Greenwood district, in 2007. The shop, however, has been at that location, 109 N. Greenwood Avenue, since 1985 by a previous family member.

Tyson said she choose her current location because of its previous rich history of black owned businesses that once thrived. She wants to be a part of black businesses thriving on Greenwood again.  Tyson said that her business has been consistent since its launch back in 2007, with some cutbacks, but because she is good at what she does her clients are consistent.

Besides her chair, Blow Out Hair Studio, has three chairs. Two of which are operated by independent business owners who rent space from her, and of which one is currently vacant for rental.

Tyson received her formal training from the Tulsa Technical Institute of Cosmetology under the directive of Anita Huffman Robinson in 2001.

Though Tyson specializes in healthy hair she does do some hair add-ons, acknowledging that the process is not healthy. She specializes in press-and-curl, shampoo, styles and healthy styles. “Half my clients are natural and the other half are natural…I offer and sell a variety of products used on my clients’ hair. I consider myself a hair doctor. Where I can prescribe a prescription for what you need for your hair…some chemicals are not always good for woman with certain health issues, so I base my knowledge on your hair type as well as your health,” says Tyson.

Tyson has also donated time to Tulsa Sickle Cell organization, the Salvation Army North Mabee Community Center and is a member of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce.

Tyson states, “I would like to see Greenwood grow with more self-employed entrepreneurs, more small business owners and for north Tulsans to support the businesses on Greenwood more.”


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