There’s no doubt that the Black man has one of the toughest job in America. He has been beaten down, urged he’s worthless, and strategically cut out of American prosperity. The dropout rate, incarceration rate and illiteracy rate would all lead us to believe that the Black man is destined for failure. Even with the highest number of Black men in history graduating college, a competent Black Commander-in-Chief and producer Lil Jon breaking the stereotypes on Celebrity Apprentice of Black men in this country, Black men still only hold 3% of the management jobs in America.

However, because he’s the fiduciary leader of the group, he can’t rest on his laurels or spend wasted time licking his wounds. He has no choice but to be resilient. The odds are seemingly against him but with the innate power and strength a Black man has he must destine to fill each area on this list. If he does so, there will an instant reshaping of Blacks in America.

1. Be a father to the community – Having an attitude that we must only parent children that are only biologically ours, is sinful and detrimental. Not all children are privileged to have fathers and we must not leave those children stranded, even at times if they DO have a father.

2. Learn the principles of business – Having a solid foundation of commerce in the Black community is what will make it sustainable. Ownership must be a top focus. Not only will it help economically, it will also contribute to confidence among the population.

3. Engage in civil activism – Prejudice against any one person in the Black community is prejudice against the entire group. He must vigilantly remain on the lookout for disparaging treatment towards the group, whether from other races or from within.

4. Be compassionate towards women – Girls examine the relationship men have towards women. If that relationship is disrespectful and unhealthy, girls will grow up accepting this treatment and boys will expect these habits to be becoming of them when they become adults.

5. Seek knowledge – The worst thing a man can ever do is stop growing. Knowledge is the cornerstone to liberation and without it the Black population is doomed to repeat our past.

6. Teach others – Sharing wisdom is an important contribution towards reshaping the minds of the Black population. Remaining objective and approachable is also a “teaching” technique. You teach others how to learn when you set the example.

7. Have a strong spiritual foundation – Narcissism is a harmful psychological toxin. It makes us believe that we are the master of our destiny. Understanding that our purpose is already written and encourage others to understand this will make the Black body more mindful of our frivolous acts and necessary virtue.

8. Remain disconnected from criminal activity – Eyebrows often raise at a successful Black man. Supporting crime by way of bootlegging, financing or purchasing illegal items is a huge loss to the Black dollar. Keeping our dollars in righteous circulation will keep the group strengthened.

9. Make yourself available to others – Counseling and assisting others even when it is inconvenient is vital for the Black community. Devastating crimes are often avoidable if someone was able to intercept the villain. Volunteering and giving of one’s time and money to reputable groups is necessary to strengthen the weaker links in the chain.

10. Love the other Black men in the trenches – Black men can be territorial and suspicious of each other. In order to properly galvanize the community, Black men must form a strong link between each other despite their familiarity. This image is worth a million dollars to the women and the younger generation.

11. Respect mankind – Knowing the cultural background of other races will work magic for the relationship the Black community has with them. It is important to learn the dynamics, needs and expectations of races so we can be better equipped at interracial commerce and interracial existence. It will also create an “Avatarian” society that is rich with nature, culture, and spirituality.

12. Be enthusiastic – Enthusiasm brings the best result. Enthusiasm must exist in work, play, and social exchange. Life must not be taken for granted nor any aspect of it, large or small.

This was written by Professor Devin Robinson, author of “Rebuilding the Black Infrastructure: Making America a Colorless Nation”
(www.devinrobinson.com, http://www.blackvoicenation.com)


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