Written by Diamond Alexis

99 problems and Donald Trump ain’t one.

As a businessman, entrepreneur and hip-hop mogul, it’s only right to assume that Jay Z has a mouthful to say when in front of a microphone.

Except, that is, when it involves Donald Trump.

The Roc Nation chief appeared at the Sundance Film Festival following the screening of the first two episodes of the forthcoming series, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story. Jay, who sits in an executive producer’s chair for the project, stayed after for a post-screening Q&A forum where he addressed several socio-political implications that the series has. Discussing the pressing importance of activism, lawful assembly and his personal conversation with Browder, Jay was openly vocal during the questioning session. However, when a reporter tied one of his responses into a question about the significance of a Trump presidency amid the social climate, Jay Z tossed her one of the coldest shoulders ever.

As the reporter pried the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper on Trump, a man who identified himself as a friend of Jay’s stepped in to shut down any questions regarding the former Apprentice star. The individual stressed to the reporter that everyone would need to stick to questions about the film or Jay “and nothing else.” But before any other reporters were able to finish any more questions, Jay was on his way out.

He did, however, share his thoughts on the powerful Women’s March, which was organized in protest of Trump’s presidency, and how such a global event should serve as the precedent for how everyone should assemble, The Daily Beast reports.

“We have to organize,” he said. “I’ve been in these meetings, I’ve spoken with people, I’ve done many things behind the scenes. But most important — we are the power. I’m sure a lot of you guys participated in it, but that display of women power the other day was so amazing and we saw the effect: that no matter what, no matter who’s in office, we are the people that’s in power.”

Check out Jay’s non-thoughts on Trump below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival)


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