By Fred Jones, Jr.

Staff Writer


Miracle 61 Production is moving its epic play “No Sister of Mine” to the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame for a special Black History Month production, after two sold out standing room only performances at The North Maybe Center on MLK Boulevard in Tulsa, Okla.

Christy Thompson is one of the plays lead characters she stated “It never crossed my mind that success would come to me so soon. I truly give all the glory to God. He helped me to understand that by accepting different roles in stage plays, I was able to find my hidden talent; which is acting. For a while, I thought singing was my only talent, but God told me otherwise. After realizing I had multiple talents, I then accepted that I could do anything I put my mind to. Someday, we’ll have to just put aside all of our fears and just give all we got; no matter the outcome. I promise you all that everyone has the opportunity to become successful, and it’s all up to that individual. It’s about being dedicated and determined.”

Thompson also said “As a character, this is my story about how I persevered through all obstacles that have come my way. Some of the ways that I do it is by showing love, kindness, and forgiveness even though it seems that it doesn’t work. Instead, I find the light that shows me the way to triumph and is uplifted. After being mistreated by my older sister Yani. Who soon realizes that family is very important. She also gains insight to show love to me, Sei’Bella, and not take me for granted.”

“No Sister of Mine” February 4 at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame tickets are $10.00 at the door.



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