From gangsta rap to major production deals, Ice Cube is making moves …

Ice Cube is all about big business and the gangster rapper-turned-film mogul just landed a major boss move.

Cube’s film production house, Cube vision inked a partnership with a Hong Kong-based media investment company. The collaboration will see AID Partners become a significant shareholder and strategic advisor to Cube Vision. In addition, the company will fully fund developing projects.

Another factor that makes this deal solid? Cube and his partner Jeffrey Kwatinetz will retain full creative control of materials and projects as well as remain their roles as shareholders. AID Partners has the option to expand its investment and relationship, should they choose to do so.

Since his days as a member of the controversial hardcore rap group N.W.A., Cube has broadened his brand by investing in his various creative abilities. As highlighted in the 2014 box office hit, Straight Outta Compton, which detailed the group’s rise to fame, a young Cube was seen writing the script for his first movie. That script resulted in the cult-classic Friday co-starring Chris Tucker.

In addition to Straight Outta Compton, Cube Vision produced the Ride Along Movies co-starring Kevin Hart and is currently developing Ride Along 3 and a hip-hop inspired Oliver Twist remake, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Cube has an overall production deal with 20th Century Fox TV and Fox 21 TV Studios.

#BlackCreativity and #BlackBusiness is shining. Keep up the awesome work, Ice

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