By: Kyle Newport

Hundreds of NFL players work their tails off every year in hopes of accomplishing the ultimate goal: reaching the Super Bowl.

Only 100 or so are fortunate enough to find themselves playing in the final game of the football season. While the players deserve a lot of credit for getting to the Super Bowl, employees behind the scenes often don’t get the love they deserve—at least from the general public.

But Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is making sure to reward his staff for an unbelievable season of work. Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Blank will treat his employees to a trip to Houston to watch the team play for its first championship:

Falcons owner Arthur Blank plans to take every employee in organization to Super Bowl. We’re talking hundreds.

Now that’s an owner who gets it.

It’s not necessary to pay for the staff to go to the Super Bowl, but the team would never be in that spot without those workers…and it never hurts to have as many of your fans in the stands as possible.

With Blank’s announcement, the Falcons join the ranks of several other teams that have made similar classy gestures like this in recent years. Both the Golden State Warriors (here) and the Carolina Panthers (here) have also shown their appreciation for the staff in grand fashion.


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