By Fred L. Jones, Jr.
Staff Writer

Raymond S. McLain High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one of the most challenging high school institutions in the state.  McLain has a very high dropout and transfer rate.  From the time a student enrolls as a freshman to the time he or she graduates, McLain will lose about 65 percent of those students. Teaching is a challenging profession at any school, but it takes a unique individual to teach at McLain.  It truly takes a committed individual whose heart is truly for the students.

Resha Williams Vo is one of those special people who has a heart for the community in which she was raised.  Williams Vo stated, “I am so honored to be named McLain High School teacher of the year for 2016/17.  Teaching at McLain is the greatest, most rewarding job I have ever had. I can truly say I am working at my dream job and, at the same time, giving back to my community and trying to make a difference.”

Williams Vo attended Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa and she jokingly said, “I must remind myself daily that McLain was my home school, but I was blessed to go to Booker T. Washington”.  Williams Vo’s collegiate education is from OSU-Tulsa and Langston University.

Spirit Bank Executive and McLain volunteer, Melvin Gilliam, stated, “Resha Williams Vo is exactly what the students need.  McLain needs more of what she is giving, and that is why I volunteer there as well”.

Stacey L Bland  stated, “On behalf of all parents of special needs children, Resha Williams Vo’s work and commitment are appreciated more than she will ever know”.

Tanara Martin, Tulsa McLain Alumni President stated, “Congratulations to Resha Williams Vo… the Hornet brewed changing the world, one mind at a time! So, deserving of the Teacher of the Year for McLain High School. The alumni “Thank you”.

Resha credits her Principal, Enna Dancy, with allowing her to have freedom of inventiveness when interacting with her students.  “My principal and her administration are very supportive which allows me to explore and be creative with my students’ learning.  They are the most kind, respectful, loving and keen children you could ever teach.  I do not teach according to their individual disability.  I teach as if they were regular education students.  I push them and they have been able to complete any task they face”.

Congratulations to Resha Williams Vo, the Raymond S. McLain Teacher of the Year.


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