By Guy Troupe


The Giants need a win versus the Eagles to clinch a playoff spot tonight on Thursday night football. NFL Players hope that the NFL will strongly consider doing away with Thursday Night Football next season. Will the NFL listen to the rest, recovery and player safety arguments or honor its commitment to its broadcast partners and keep Thursday night on the docket? Will players get their union to fight this battle during the offseason or simply bark out loud but not bite?


The bark and bite of the NFLs most elite teams is apparent. The Patriots are the best in the AFC while the Cowboys reign supreme in the NFC. Both teams have good players but good coaching will determine who makes and wins Super Bowl LI. Mike Tomlin (Steelers), Andy Reid (Chiefs), John Harbaugh (Ravens) and Pete Carroll (Seahawks) are good coaches with the players that can make a run at Belichick’s Patriots and Garrett’s Cowboys.


College players interested in pro football have made some interesting decisions this month. Several top prospects (i.e. Leonard Fournette/LSU, Shock Linwood/Baylor, Charles Walker/Oklahoma, Christian McCaffrey/Stanford) opted out of playing in bowl games to remain healthy and prepare for pro days, all-star games, and the NFL Combine. These players require (and are receiving) coaching from family members, loved ones, hangers-on and agents. Our coaching this week revolves around two principles.

The Principle of Mediation and Experienced Voice, which states that “Athletes entering professional sports typically lack the business acumen, emotional intelligence and communication skills to negotiate their first professional contract and should hire a person to represent their athletics interests.” Our board was asked to listen in on a few agent pitches this week. We talked to parents, athletes and agents. We reviewed written contracts. We learned that there’s a faction of giving, well-intended “good” agents, and a group of flesh peddling “bad” agents that only intend on eating off the backs of athletes.

We caution professional prospects to sit still, listen, and observe the behavior of agents that desire to represent their athletics interests. We suggest that you understand and apply our Principle of Athlete Earnings, which refers to “an athlete’s right to keep 100% of what he or she earned as a result of being drafted by a professional team and suggests that an agent’s compensation should be tied to what is negotiated beyond the minimum contract that a team is bound or willing to pay an athlete.”


Philosophically, we believe that the athlete-agent relationship should be less transactional and more relational. Pick an agent that you can have a lifelong relationship with as a trusted advisor. Not an agent that is only willing to represent you or invest in you when you have value to a professional sports team. You must live far beyond your athletic prowess. A good agent will stay around for the long haul!


Email us a if you are trying to select an agent or financial advisor. Our network of professionals will sit-in, listen, review contracts, and evaluate the agent free of charge.




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